Conference Insights

20 February 2020

AusIMM is delighted to have Andrew Chaplyn, Director Mines Safety and appointed State Mining Engineer at the Department of Mines and Petroleum (WA) as our Minesafe International Conference Chair for 2020. Recently we sat down with Andrew to discuss the upcoming conference and crucial aspects of health and safety in the resources sector with a vision to implement a zero-risk industry.

Andrew is passionate about improving health and safety on a global scale, urging delegates to discuss the best way to work as a community to create change and continue best practice.

“Working together to improve safety and health outcomes is critical, whether it be across our nation or collaborating with our international colleagues we can make a difference. Attending the Minesafe International Conference 2020 is an opportunity to have these conversations and support each other on this journey of achieving best practice.”

Hazards will continue to be present in the resources sector, however Chaplyn discusses how necessary it is to have firm decision making and how effectively controlling hazards is the best way to ensure safe productions.

“We will need to have those frank conversations around realistic expectations as we continue to innovate and adopt new technology.”

Chaplyn mentions how young industry professionals are the future of the resources sector.

“Embracing change and adopting new technology is occurring faster than ever before in this fourth industrial revolution, therefore we need to understand the support networks to achieve these planned outcomes in the safest manner. These young minds are the future and they will benefit from sharing ideas with those more experienced practitioners across the mining industry. There is no doubt that we need to learn from the past and share those important stories.”

Chaplyn calls for health issues and employee responsibilities to be key conference themes, “importantly health issues need to have a focus in the conference this year, as we have seen the re-emergence of some work related diseases and other issues that require our attention, such psychosocial hazards. In addition to this, the regulatory landscape is changing across the nation and we all need to be aware of our responsibilities in the roles that we have, whether it be the company director, chief operating officer, regulator, manager, supervisor and workers.”

Chaplyn is looking forward to hearing more about new innovations for risk management as he feels this will truly create a safer industry. “Risk management is fundamental to controlling hazards across our industry, it forms a key part in managing all aspects of a mining operation. Therefore, improving our collective understanding and application will see us contribute to a safer mining industry in the work that we do.”

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